Not Your Ordinary Fruit: The 4-Letter Word…WAIT

FOS Family,

This has been and continues to be one of the most challenging journeys of my life. During this season of my life’s journey, there has been a need for increased ‘patience’. During the exercising of patience, I have found it to be true “The real test in patience is not in the waiting, but in how one acts while he or she is waiting.” Patience is causing my emotional discipline to increase not by disregarding the emotions I experience, but be mindful of my reactions to the emotions. I have learned a new four-letter-word…’WAIT’.  This word wait, causes me to WAIT before responding to various situations. WAIT = Witness the many perspectives of the situation and that it is not always about you, Acknowledge God is in control of all things, Intently listen to the revelations the Holy Spirit delivers, and Thank and praise God that it is ALL working for your good!

Please be encouraged, this day and every day. I know our challenges are not always the same; however,  if you would like to receive continuous encouragement, please join this fruitful movement by signing up via FOSMessenger,, and visiting the other ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ portals and get ready to receive your spiritual nourishment!

Stay blessed and favored!

Yours in Service to Christ,

Rev. Nichole