Living the Way We Pray

Our lives should be consistent with the way we pray.  We should not pray one way and live our lives in a totally different way. I am sure you have heard the old saying – “if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.” Other old sayings also let us know that we need to back up what we say with actions – “talk is cheap”, “practice what you preach”, and my favorite, “actions speak louder than words.”
As Christians, our prayer life is so important; it is our lifeline; it keeps us going and growing spiritually; it is our intimate communion with our heavenly Father. We come to love God more deeply and strive to share His love with others. We share God’s love through our actions. Years ago, while taking a Bible Study class, I read a poem that helps us to see how our lives should line up with the way we pray.

Living The Way We Pray

I knelt to pray when day was done
And prayed: “O Lord, bless everyone:
Lift from each heart the pain,
And let the sick be well again.”
And then I woke one day,
And carelessly went on my way.
The whole day long I did not try
To wipe a tear from any eye.
I did not try to share the load
Of any brother on the road;
I did not even go to see
The sick man just next door to me.
Yet once again when day was done
I prayed: “O Lord, bless everyone.”
But as I prayed, to my ear
There came a voice that whispered clear:
“Pause, hypocrite, before you pray:
Whom have you tried to bless today?
God’s sweetest blessings always go
By hands that serve Him here below.”
And then I hid my face and cried:
“Forgive me God for I have lied.
Let me but live another day,
And I will live the way I pray.”                                     Author unknown

I’ve learned that it is not enough to just pray for others, we must back up that prayer with actions because we demonstrate God’s love and serve Him through our service to others. We should ask ourselves – Am I living the way I pray?
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Deborah Watkins
“At Your service to do Your Will”