Children of God

As a parent of 3 kids, I have so many fond memories of them growing up. We have photo albums full of pictures and awards. Like any parent, I am so proud of my kids. But, as you know, there are times when we are not so proud of them; times when they do or say something inappropriate.  You may relate to times when we jokingly disown a child when they do something wrong. The dad may say to the mom, “that’s your son!” But when they do something great, “that’s my boy!”(With his chest stuck out and head held high) Regardless of what they do, we love them just the same.

As Christians, we are God’s children. All that we say and all that we do is a reflection of our heavenly Father. Just as our children disappoint us at times and make us proud sometimes, we do the same things to our heavenly Father. But He loves us just the same. As children, we seek the approval and praise of our parents (especially when we are young, but even so as adults). We want them to be proud of us. We should want God, our heavenly Father, to be proud of us as well; proud to call us His children. I am reminded of situations in the Bible where God showed His approval of one of His children.  In the story of Job, God asked the devil if he had considered His servant, Job. God was proud of His servant, Job. He also mentioned of Jesus, “this is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  How would you like for God to say that about you?  Your chest would be stuck out, your head would be held high, and you would be smiling from ear to ear.

When I sin, I believe God drops His head in disappointment.  And I hate when that happens; that’s why I try so hard not to sin.  I may never reach perfection, but that does not stop me from trying.  We should all be striving for perfection. Why?  Because God is our Father, and more is expected of a child of God.  We are not just anybody’s child.  We are children of the most high God! We may never be sinless, but we can sin less. I have learned that we, as God’s children, cannot influence the world for His sake, if we act the same way the world acts. We should find out what pleases God and strive to do those things. Let’s take a good look at our lives. Look at the things we say and do, the places we go, the people we associate with. Do you think God would drop His head in disappointment, or would God be proud to call you His child?

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Deborah Watkins
“At Your service to do Your Will”