We aren’t always faithful but He is!

Lately, the devil has been lurking in my neighborhood looking for more recruits to join his army. Why was I the person of choice during this particular timeframe? Well, because the devil is quite adamant about who he has set his eyes on, and he was relentlessly chasing after me. Of course, God decided to allow the devil a shot at convincing a trooper in His army to leave and join the devil’s army. Unbeknownst to me, God took His hands off me. I was wondering why so many things were happening to me. I lost my job; bill collectors seem to have figured out that I changed my behavior in how I pay my bills on time, and for some odd reason – all the companies I were applying to found my information in their spam folder. Wow, I had to ask myself once this revelation was given unto me, “Is this the God I serve?”

Recently, I had a chance to lead in community prayer, and I asked for prayer along with the other congregants. What was so wrong with me asking for prayer as a leader? Even leaders need prayers too! I am a member of the community even though I was charged to lead in prayer. Oh yeah, I forgot to include that I said I was mad at God before I prayed – out loud. That seemed to upset a few pious Christians that I would lament about being mad at God openly. I mean, what is the big deal? There were a few people, prophets to be more specific, before me who said they were mad at God also yet they still serve him. It is not like I was the first to model being mad at God. If some pious Christians were honest with themselves, they would admit that they walk around stoic and want to say the same thing at times. I do understand that I must model one thing publicly, but what about being transparent. Can I not I model transparency publicly?

Well, as father time would have it – it only took a song from the congregation to heal my soul and have me forget all about how emotional upset I was at God. I begin to recognize how faithful God has been despite my current situation, and how the testing of my faith was upon me. I begin to rejoice in the fact that God is faithful and just all by himself in all that He does! I begin to celebrate victory because at that moment; I was able to be transparent with the body of Christ, ask for prayer, and still, worship knowing, I have victory. My praise and worship displayed how faithful I was to God’s presence even in the midst of my selfishness, to some. One thing I know for sure, regardless of how mad I was at that moment, God has been quite faithful in providing for me through that moment of my insanity. Is God faithful and just to you? How has God shown you His faithfulness and unwavering love for you? Join in on the journey to becoming fruitful, sharing fruitful encouragement and testimony, and being a beacon of light in the darkness.


Fruitfully Living,

Clifton L. Daye III, M.Div


“Make it a Fruitful Day(e)”